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Our Work – SEHER
Our Work

From empowering women to addressing human rights violations, ​SEHER pursues its goals through a broad range of programming and interventions. More information on our dimensional approach to change can be found below.


Advocacy Sessions

Our community level interventions and advocacy sessions are direct engagements with young girls and women that address the stigma surrounding menstruation. Our sessions primarily focus on the adolescence, nutrition, hygienic practises during menstruation and in combating taboos around menstruating women. We have developed a unique health brochure translated into local languages that we distribute at our awareness programmes. These campaigns are held in collaboration with educational institutions, Gram Panchayats, District Collectors, community centres and other NGOs. 

Legal Interventions


SEHER aims to create system-level changes through legal cases involving human right violations and issues of public public interest nature. Learn more about our closed and current cases at the the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission (MSHRC) and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on our Legal Cases page.


Seminars & Workshops

We conduct seminars and workshops on social entrepreneurship, legal activism, creating sustainable impact, the Right to Information Act, Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, and Gender Sensitisation. These events are conducted at schools, colleges and workplaces. I


Research and Documentation

We research to increase the effectiveness of our intervention strategies. Our documentation is aimed at reflecting our experiences and sharing it with a wider audience.