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SEHER (Social Empowerment through Health, Education, and Research) works through community centers, schools, and NGOs to educate young girls and women about menstrual health and nutrition. SEHER also engages in legal redressal of public interest cases involving human right violations.

Our Model

SEHER uses a multi-method approach to achieve our mission of empowering women and protecting human rights. 



Seminars &


SEHER In Action

SEHER Stories

Community Center Advocacy Sessions


SEHER held sessions for over 90 women on the topic of balanced diets and feminine hygiene practices. Our sessions have helped women identify reproductive and urinary health issues such as PCOD, endometriosis, and infections they had been facing but were hesitant to seek medical aid for. We have also addressed the deep stigma surrounding menstrual blood being impure and the practise of not entering the kitchen, praying, washing hair and playing during periods.

Legal Intervention on Contaminated BMC Water Supply


After two plus years of legal advocacy, SEHER’s efforts eventually lead the Hon’ble Commission to investigate  contamination claims against the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) water supply. After finding that poor sanitation conditions lead over 60 residents of a Mumbai based colony to suffer from severe health ailments, the BMC was directed to revise in-house guidelines and award compensation to the victims. Because of this order, multiple new measures to improve water quality have been enacted in the community. The BMC recently published a notice that tap water can be directly consumed, going on to state that their present quality at par with the international WHO set standards.

Press Features